Provides modern and Data oriented solutions in hiring process
Offering quick and cost-effective methods in hiring best candidate

Offering solution for achieving organizational goal

Different businesses have different solutions for achieving their goals according to their audience and character. One of the most important factors for this achievement is human capital / employees.

In fact, the employees team work is what actually leads an organization through success.

Shetab helps you throughout this path to have a new vision toward human resources, overcome constant challenges and move forward in your business.

Our approach for this path Is employee’s performance assessment and offering data-oriented reports. This process will help you to have a bias free judgement for choosing the best candidate.

As Shetab, we try to have a smart and innovative vision for solving organizations issues. By gathering young experts, we are by your side from building resumes to hire the best candidate for your business.

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Our Services

Offering pre-hiring assessment platform

Smart selection the best candidate

Cost-efficiency assessment packages

Making connection between candidate

Offering a modern template for building resume

Offering data-oriented solutions

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Support and help to develop businesses

As Shetab we try to equip human resources innovators with tools, skills and strategies to develop their businesses.

Businesses will come across a new challenge every day. We will be your manual in the way of turning into the top innovator.

 One of the factors that leads a startup to failure, is the lack of knowledge and experience in investment. Since we’ve helped a lot of successful and even some failed startups, we have a lot of experience in this area and we are glad to share them with you.

Our plan is to invest in human resources startups, we are trying to make a unique experience by using a correct and concentrated structure.

As a bridge we help businesses to have a powerful platform as financial investments, we make an opportunity for you to access a collection of the best experts to have a better performance in your business.

Top talent is priceless, We make finding it affordable

Our Products

job offer pro

JobOffer is a tool that helps talents have a better experience on their career path and helps organizations discover the best talent.                 

test pro

With a modern solution named TestPro, evaluate the ability of job applicants and choose the most qualified job seekers among them.

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